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Since 2004, Dreams Becoming Reality Marketing has been helping companies and organizations develope branding, creation of sales and online collateral, make their products, services and offerings better understood, more valued and desirable. Strategy, creativity & development done really, really well is the key to our success.

Paul Rae, President

Paul moved to Muskoka in 1988. With 20 years of experience in the retail sector, he clearly understands responding to the unique demands of developing and maintaining solid client relationships.
The Muskoka lifestyle we all dream about for ourselves is an integral part of who Paul is today. Being in touch with a natural setting and a back to basics attitude give Paul the foundation and balance to create clear and concise marketing strategies. Effective marketing and product branding are key elements for the growth and success of any company. Identifying client solutions comes naturally to Paul, renowned for his quick thinking, passion and vision!
Since starting Dreams Becoming Reality Marketing in 2004 Paul has worked with over 250 small to medium sized businesses. Paul’s biggest joy is watching our clients achieve success; it’s why he gets up every morning!

Johanne Stewart, Creative Director

An experienced Creative Director/Designer with over twenty five years in graphic arts, publishing and print media, Johanne is responsible for implementing design and marketing ideas from initial concept through to final implementation of brand and product development.
Her obsession with Mac’s started way back in 1984 when her father purchased one for their family home. From there her destiny of being a designer had begun. 
In 2003, she met Paul who convinced her there was a niche market to create a full service advertising agency in Muskoka. Fast forward and the move to Muskoka was made. Being a strong conceptual thinker, an outstanding visual and strategically focused designer, Johanne is the pillar of pixels behind Dreams Becoming Reality Marketing. Hence, the nickname ‘Desktop Diva’ was born.
When she is not creating crafty ad’s Johanne loves to play in her gardens, hang out by the ocean with friends and soak in the beautiful Nova Scotia surroundings.

What Clients Say!!

What Clients Say!!